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Introducing the 'AWAKENING' series of illustrations,
characterized by intense colors known as vibrant chrome.

The significance of these images transcends mere visual appeal; they delve into the realm of spirituality.
Each illustration in the "AWAKENING" series carries profound meaning, inviting viewers to embark on an introspective journey.
Through vibrant colors and intricate details, these artworks evoke a sense of awakening,
prompting contemplation of deeper existential questions and the exploration of inner truths.
Their spiritual essence resonates with viewers on a profound level, inviting reflection, meditation, and personal growth.

These illustrations stand out for their uniqueness as they are created using a specialized, lesser-known texture program.
Additionally, a small portion of their creation involved the use of Photoshop. In comparison to similar images you can find online,
all of these illustrations were exclusively crafted in Photoshop, resulting in blurriness, noise & faded colors.
However, in my technique, the images maintain remarkable sharpness and quality even after uploading to the internet.
Furthermore, the gradients remain noise-free and exceptionally smooth, a level of precision unattainable with Photoshop alone.
Moreover, the colors exhibit exceptional intensity, surpassing the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop alone.


Extended - Non-Exclusive - Unlimited - License.


JPEG file 3000px on the longest side. Artworks without watermarks and captions. In this license I only sell the JPEG file. If you want a FULL-SIZE PNG FILE up to 5000PX on the longest side there will be an additional one-time fee to the license - $200. *(Licenses 1, 2 or 3 can be combined. Then the prices add up.)


Subscription is added to the total extended license price for medium, large and recognizable brands/people as "Time Subscription" or Royalties between 2-15% (or more) on the net value of the product sold. Time Subscription:

Many illustrations can be used as 1:1 or 9:16 patterns.

* Prices are in dollars, but payment is also possible in Euro, PLN and other currencies.

* I don't sell a Standard License for private use or an exclusive license for these artworks.

Contact to get a license: