Lidia Springer from Gniezno, Poland, is a multifaceted visual artist, photographer & videographer in the music industry.

Embarking on her true creative journey in 2011, Lidia initially explored hyperrealistic pencil drawings, driven by a pursuit of aesthetics & perfection, reflecting talent through impressive fast progress. As her artistic horizons expanded, she delved into graphic design, eventually mastering the craft of professional high-end fashion photo retouching.

This transformative process & love for house music ignited Lidia’s passion for filmmaking and photography, leading her to a pivotal point where inspiration intertwined with the music industry. Over the past few years, she has left a mark by crafting music covers and producing official music videos for independent electronic music talents such as RvN, Spezzo, and NIXIS.

Lidia Springer’s artistic odyssey is characterized by a relentless pursuit of creative evolution, seamlessly blending precision from her earlier endeavors with the dynamic realms of visual storytelling and music aesthetics. Her portfolio stands as a testament to a diverse and vibrant career, where each project represents a unique intersection of skill, innovation, and a profound connection with the artistic journey.


lidia springer